Locked at the job

"It probably sounds familiar to you, employees who stay in their undesired job while being dissatisfied. They constantly complain about things that are not going well within your organization, but at the same time they do not take sufficient steps to actually take concrete action to change the situation. For example, because their financial situation might get unstable after leaving or they believe that their job profile is not suitable for other desired employment. In short, they are 'locked at the job'."

This is just one of the scenarios that can cause a person to feel locked at the job. There are numerous reasons that can lead to such a feeling. Where workplace stress and burnout are common topics these days, being locked in one's job is still a taboo for both organizations and individuals. In a world where perfection has become the norm, we find it hard to admit our weaknesses. We don't like to admit that we feel dissatisfied or that we see no way out. Sharing these imperfections with managers and colleagues hardly ever happens, while it is often the reason of having a burnout, for example. 

Both in science and in practice, very little is known about this phenomenon. With my extensive track record in the field of HR and organizational advice, as well as conducting my doctoral research, I have been able to make a substantial contribution to science and can thus provide strategic organizational advice to management in order to make this phenomenon more widely known within organizations as well and to break the taboo. 

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