dr. Merel @ The People Society

As an organizational psychologist, I have specialized in the field of job mobility, leadership and sustainable employability. In particular to a phenomenon I describe as being locked at the job. 

In order to provide a valuable addition to the already existing knowledge in the field of labor mobility, I started a PhD research in 2016, which I successfully completed in 2022. I conducted this research in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Dorien Kooij, Professor of Human Resource Studies and Department Head of Human Resource Studies at UvT and Prof. Dr. Charissa Freese, Professor of HRM and Social Security and Vice Dean TIAS School for Business and Society.  

My inner drive to promote job satisfaction in the workplace started early in my career. I always like to bring out the best in people. Love to see them happy in the workplace and therefore find a good atmosphere very important. Unfortunately, in my career I have met many people who were satisfied with their jobs anymore and for a variety of reasons did not leave these undesired circumstances. 

I see it as my mission to reduce the number of dissatisfied people in their jobs. To do this, I want to obtain and share as much knowledge about this phenomenon as possible. Because I have worked within different disciplines in my career; from HR management, strategic organizational consulting, organizational psychology up to process management, I am able to look at various organizational issues from these different angles.

Also I work as Assistant Professor and Academic Director Masterclasses Non-Profit at TIAS School for Business and Society in Tilburg and Utrecht. Through about 25 master classes, participants (both Profit and Non-Profit) can further develop themselves, extend the organizational goals or, when they are no longer in the right job, orient themselves in a possible career move. In doing so, this role fits seamlessly with my mission and work for The People Society.

dr. Merel T. Feenstra-Verschure